Ponds & Water Features

Water features, such as fountains, pools and ponds, be a wonderful focal point of a complete landscape design by GX Landscaping.

A garden pond can be the very focus of a well laid out landscape garden.

If some planning goes into the pond it can also be used to stock many varieties 
of beautiful fish depending on the construction and the filtration system. 

We do:

  • Concrete ponds
  • Liner ponds
  • Fibre glass ponds

We can offer you advice on any type of pond water features fountains or artificial waterfalls in thier designs.

The Koi pond has special needs because the Koi fish need extremely clean water.
If you want your pond water to be clean, clear and healthy, pond filtration. Natural, biological and mechanical filtration there is 
many types of system.

GX Landscaping can provide all kinds of water features, from fountains to pond construction. With diggers, trucks and other heavy machinery, we are ready to carry out all kinds of wetland earthworks. Our own skilled in house designers and craftsmen can undertake paving, plumbing, brickwork and planting.

We at GX Landscaping can also rejuvenate and  renovate existing water features.