About Us

GX Landscapes aim to create natural, soothing surrounds. We understand that in this fast paced world people need a place to escape, to relax. By using nature as our muse, we create soft, tranquil gardens geared towards relaxation. Every rock, every plant, every feature is carefully placed to create an even flow within the space. The garden should become a reflection of the client and be suited to their needs and desires, it should also compliment the architecture of the house and extend the living area outside.


Water offers many soothing benefits. The sound of trickling water has a remarkable effect on the human mind, it slows and eases. The reflection adds another intriguing element to the garden, and the cooling effects on a hot summers day are unrivaled. Whether it be a water bowl or a cascading waterfall, water has a very important place in the garden. We try to make use of water feature elements in most gardens.


By using soft organic lines where possible and careful placement of materials the garden can be transformed from a dull, harsh, geometric shape to a soft, flowing space. Careful placement of plants to harmonise with this organic design creates a relaxing space. A garden should be a sensory experience, as such, Peaceful Landscapes caters to all the senses. All gardens are designed with the client in mind and geared towards their needs. An area for entertaining, relaxing, the kids or just a pleasant view can all be created with these elements in mind.